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About Us

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About us 

Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have an incredible range of skill sets. 

We’ve built companies from scratch,  turned failing organisations around and sold business to third parties.

We have experience in a large number of industries including publishing, corporate finance, financial markets, IT, marketing, telecoms, automotive, healthcare, sports, recruitment and HR.

We are all used to working with people and are very discrete. This is always absolutely essential especially if you are looking to get your company into shape  before taking it to market for sale.

How we work 

First, we need to understand your objectives. Then, with that in mind, we will take a look at your business, get to know your products, compare your offering with that of your competitors, meet your people, examine your financial systems, undertake some “secret shopping”, review your IT set-up and quality check your production systems. 

Then, we will work with you and devise the plans that will achieve your objectives.

Crucially, we don't write you a long report and then leave you to get on with it! Rather, we will implement the plans alongside you and your management team.


Our services include:


  • Internal due diligence
  • Financial audits and controls
  • HR services and documentation
  • General recruitment and executive search
  • IT systems and services
  • Training materials and in-house training
  • Corporate finance services
  • Information Memorandum production

With our own people along with our extensive network of professionals, we are able to provide both services and personnel as required in order to provide the tailored systems and functionality that you may need.